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Feature Products of Techwell

Techwell will support you to win more projects and increase your sales. 

Tech Well HVAC 16

T-Pro Aircon Custom Production Service

A service to provide 100% custom production of air conditioning units.

EVI Modular Chiller

EVI Modular Chiller

Air Cooled Modular chiller with EVI technology. Working ambient temperature range -30~45 Deg Cel.

VRF air conditioner

VRF System

With Mini Series and Pro Series, system capacity from 8kw up to  270kw. And multiple indoor units optional.

Techwell Fan coils

Mutiple Fan Coil Units

Series including ceiling conceal duct typ, High ESP duct type, cassette type, universal type. 2-tube and 4-tube type optional

Service of Techwell

We will help you success in the market.

Custom Production

Produce air conditioning units of what your customer wants.

High Quality Products

Top brands or CE certified components used to ensure quality.

Standard HVAC Optional

We offer standard products as well for selection of your customers.

Supportive Communication

Fast reaction to your questions, to get high customers' satisfaction.

More Products Information of Tech Well

Tech Well HVAC 16

T-Pro Aircon Custom Production Service

A Service to Save 50% of Your Time and Effort, and Increase 200% Sales

VRF air conditioner

VRF System

Multiple Indoors and Outdoors Design Room Air Conditioning

EVI Modular Chiller

Air Cooled Modular Chiller

Modular Chillers Can Free Make Up Bigger Capacity Combination

Air cooled Screw chiller

Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Big Cooling Capacity Air to Water Chillers

Water cooled Screw chiller

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Big Cooling Capacity Water to Water Chillers

Techwell Fan coils

Fan Coil Units

Multiple Terminal Units Optional

air conditioning equipment

About Us

Tech Well is Founded in 2010, we have a technical team with more than 20 years experiences on air conditioner production. Tech Well is always focus on air conditioning production business, especially the tailor production, aiming to serve his clients to find appropriate air conditioning equipments for his customers.

Customers can easily find the standard HVAC products in the market, say chiller, AHU, fan coils, etc. But what if a customer want a special products, say special shape, different function, etc? On the other hand, there are other industries will need the special purpose equipment such as explosion proof air conditioning units. Such industries are chemical, mining, energy, oil, natural gas, etc. Tech Well offers the T-PRO AIRCON CUSTOM PRODUCTION SERVICE to meet this special requirement in the market.

Besides the T-Pro Aircon Custom Production Service, Tech Well also supply the standard type HVAC products, such as different type Chillers, air to air or air to water, AHU, fan coils, VRF system, etc. Tech Well aims to supply more solution to your customers and help you increase your sales. 

Tech Well is producing for 30+ different customers including engineering company, installers, etc. With our top quality products, we are reliable partner to them.

Reference Air Conditioning Units We Produced

Tech Well HVAC 16
Techwell HVAC 10
Techwell HVAC 7
Techwell HVAC
Techwell HVAC 5
Techwell HVAC 3