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Here I would like to ask whether you met this situation? You used the air cooled chiller and heat pump for heating in winter. But the unit performance is becoming worse and worse as the ambient temperature decreases. When the ambient temperature close to 0℃, you cannot get much heating result from the unit. The ambient temperature drops further to -7℃ the unit stop working. There are may be some products may work until -15℃. But the performance is not satifactory.


This situation happens because it is the basic technical feature of the common air cooled chiller and heat pump. It is limitation of the technology. A new technology has to be applied if we want to solve this problem.


I would like to bring Tech Well EVI Air Cooled Modular Chiller and Heat Pump to you here. The series chillers can work at the ambient temperature as low as -30℃ in heating mode. It can satisfied majority occasions heating with chiller and heat pump units.

The Tech Well Team are in manufacturing of HVAC products for more than 20 years. In this period, we focus on tailor production and standard units production of HVAC products for our customers. We served more than 30 customers and help them win more than 100 projects up to now.


Air conditioning units are so great products that help offering people a comfortable life. It is a pity most manufacturers are just offering very basic products which cannot meet the usage requirement in some special occasions, such as heating in ambient temperature below 0℃. Tech Well is set up to offer as much solution as we can to support business of our customers.


You may have your own suppliers at precent. But Tech Well offers one more choice to you. I believe products from one company cannot meet all requirments of your customers. It is wise to have more than one supplier. Tech Well will be your reliable supplimentary supplier. Tech Well will help you win more projects and increase your sales. You will finally identify with other company in the market.

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You Will Get These Benefits......

Tech Well EVI Modular Chiller

Working ambient temperature range from -30℃ to 46℃

Cooling operating temperature is up to 46℃; Heating operating temperature is down to -30℃

With EVI Technology

EVI technology realizes two-stage compression in one compressor, and it increases compression efficiency and improves the heating performance in low temperature.

Three basic capacity units optional

Basic model capacity 35kw, 75kw and 155kw. With different size can easily fit the size requirement of installation location.

Modular design

The 3 basic models can be jointed together to make up bigger capacity combination freely. The biggest capacity is up to 2080kw

IPLV up to 3.5 in cooling at 35℃ and 2.93 in heating mode at -12℃

High efficient chillers will help you save power consumption, and reduce the power charge.

On supplying the EVI Modular Chiller, we guarantee on following points as well:

CE certified or relevant components used in the unit.

Use the top quality components to make the top quality products. Aiming to increase satisfaction of your customers.

Life time spare parts supply available

You can still buy spare parts from us in the whole air conditioning equipment life time. To help you provide a sustainable maintenance service to your customers.

7x24Hr business support

Techwell is always there when you need our help.

2Hrs response time

Quick response helps you win the business. And provide exellent and reliable service to your customers.

+ More: If you send us inquiry of our air conditioning units and buy from us, we will offer you these BONUS......(All Free)

BONUS #1 - Life Time Technical Support

Value: US$20,000 - Now FREE!

Firstly, you will get our Life Time Technical Support, which value US$20,000, now we offer you free. In this service, you can contact us for any technical issue you encountered in the cases of your business communication with your customers, units intallation, after sales service, etc. Tech Well team is your team, we will support your business growth. 

BONUS #2 - 3 Years Spare Parts Support

Value: US$8,000 - Now FREE!

Secondly, we offer the 3 years spare parts support to you. We will offer the spare parts to you free. This service to help you offer an excellence after sales service to your customer. 

BONUS #3 - Accessories Sourcing Service

Accessories purchasing service

Value: US$8,000 - Now FREE!

Finally, we will offer you service with sourcing the relative accessories for your project, say air grille, diffusers, etc. You can buy through Tech Well or buy directly from suppliers. And we can help you arrange shipment together. 

Tech Well EVI Modular Chiller and Heat Pump can work at -30℃!

Tech Well HVAC Products served 30+ customers already. Go to to send us an inquiry now!


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfy with our products or service, just send us an email with your comments, we will compensate your time and send you a US$100 coupon. You can use this coupon to deduct the same US$100 from the amount of your order in buying other products of Techwell. We will not wast any of your time, because are confident with our products and service, we take over your risk in advanced.

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Tech Well may be the only one offing air conditioning systems of 100% custom production in China.

Tech Well Air Conditioning Products served 30+ customers already. Go to send us an inquiry now!