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ASHRAE recommended way

There are three simple ways on the pre-design stage for selection of the air conditioning units.

Save you 50% time and effort

Easy way to apply on your air conditioning design process. It helps you select air conditioning units fast. Will save you time and effort at least 50%.

Increase Your Customers Satisfaction

It will shorten your time to submit your project design to customer. EVI Chillers are offered, High IPLV chillers up to 3.5, high performance and reduce your power charge. It will increase your customers satisfaction.

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Tech Well Industries Co.,Ltd

Tech Well is Founded in 2010, we have a technical team with more than 20 years experiences on air conditioner production. Tech Well is always focus on air conditioning production business, especially the tailor production, aiming to serve his clients to find appropriate air conditioning equipments for his customers.

Customers can easily find the standard HVAC products in the market, say chiller, AHU, fan coils, etc. But what if a customer want a special products, say special shape, different function, etc? On the other hand, there are other industries will need the special purpose equipment such as explosion proof air conditioning units. Such industries are chemical, mining, energy, oil, natural gas, etc. Tech Well offers the T-PRO AIRCON CUSTOM PRODUCTION SERVICE to meet this special requirement in the market.

Besides the T-Pro Aircon Custom Production Service, Tech Well also supply the standard type HVAC products, such as different type Chillers( Air cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, EVI modular chiller, etc), AHU, fan coils, VRF system, etc. Tech Well aims to supply more solution to your customers and help you increase your sales. 

Tech Well is producing for 30+ different customers including engineering company, installers, etc. Tech Well helps them win more than 100 projects. With our top quality products, we are reliable partner to them.

Tech Well offer the EVI modular chiller, good performance on heating in low ambient temperature.

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Reference Air Conditioning Units We Produced

Tech Well HVAC 16
Techwell HVAC 10
Techwell HVAC 7
Techwell HVAC
Techwell HVAC 5
Techwell HVAC 3

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