Tech Well Low Ambient EVI Modular Chiller and Heat Pump

Are you using an air conditioner or a heat pump unit for heating in winter?

Is your heat pump working well when temperature drop to 0℃?

How it works when temperature keep dropping to -15℃?

Do you find normally the heat pumps performs not satisfaction at 0℃? And the unit stop working when temperature drop further below -15℃. Your heat pump doesn’t work at this low temperature occasion!

Don’t worry about this occasion! Tech Well will bring you a solution.

Tech Well has a team with more than 20 years experiences on HVAC field. He can supply multiple products and custom production service. Tech Well has helped more than 30 customers, and help them win more than 100 projects.


It is the vital feature of heat pumps produced by old technology. The -7 to -15℃ is the lower temperature limit that this units can work. The heat pump performance reduces a lot around 0℃. It will stop working when temperature keep dropping.


A new technology is required to solve this problem.


Today, we would like to bring the Tech Well EVI Modular Chiller and Heat Pump to you. With the latest EVI technology, the heat pump can work at temperature as low as -30℃. Heating capacity at -7℃ maintains more than 65%.


Good performance unit will help you win satisfaction from your customers.

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