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T-Pro Aircon Custom Production Service

100% Custom Produced Air Conditioning Units

Don’t worry about what inquiry you get from your customer. Tech Well can produce air conditioning units according to the requirement of your customers. You have 100% free hand to customize the unit. We provide air conditioning solution for multiple industries, like office, mining, chemical, oil, natural gas, etc. Your customer request, we produce.

Save You 50% Time and Effort

Cooperating with Tech Well, we can help you out with majority type air conditioning products your customers need and want. You don't need to spend the time and effort to looking for the supplier or products for your customers.

Increase Your Sales

With our T-Pro Aircond Custom Production Service, you can put more your time and effort on serving your customers. You can extend your business to other fields easily. With these two aspects, you can finally increase your sales.

Exposion Proof Design Optional

This is a much higher end production. This function is special for the industries like mining, chemical, oil, natural gas, etc. Techwell can provide high safty products for these industries.

On supplying the air conditioning products, we guarantee on following points as well:

CE certified or relevant components used in the unit.

Use the top quality components to make the top quality products. Aiming to increase satisfaction of your customers.

Life time spare parts supply available

You can still buy spare parts from us in the whole air conditioning equipment life time. To help you provide a sustainable maintenance service to your customers.

7x24Hr business support

Techwell is always there when you need our help.

2Hrs response time

Quick response helps you win the business. And provide exellent and reliable service to your customers.

+ More: If you send us inquiry of our air conditioning units and buy from us, we will offer you these BONUS......(All Free)

BONUS #1 - Life Time Technical Support

Firstly, you will get our Life Time Technical Support,  we offer you free. In this service, you can contact us for any technical issue you encountered in the cases of your business communication with your customers, units intallation, after sales service, etc. Tech Well team is your team, we will support your business growth.

BONUS #2 - 3 Years Spare Parts Support

Secondly, we offer the 3 years spare parts support to you. We will offer the spare parts to you free. This service to help you offer an excellence after sales service to your customer. 

BONUS #3 - Accessories Sourcing Service

Accessories purchasing service

Finally, we will offer you service with sourcing the relative accessories for your project, say air grille, diffusers, etc. You can buy through Tech Well or buy directly from suppliers. And we can help you arrange shipment together. 

Tech Well offers air conditioning systems of 100% custom production in China.

Tech Well Air Conditioning Products served 30+ customers already. Go to to send us an inquiry now!

Reference HVAC Units We Produced

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Tech Well HVAC served 30+ customers already. Go to send us an inquiry now!